СОВРЕМЕННЫЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ КОМПЬЮТЕРНЫХ И ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ НАУК, XIV Международная научно-практическая конференция «Современные информационные технологии и ИТ-образование»

Размер шрифта: 
Aesthetic education: the Process of teaching mathemat-ics with the Application of Information-Communicative Technologies
Aibek Omirbekovich Dautov, Al. U. Aktayeva, S. N. Nurkassymova, A. B. Zhanys, R. G. Musaybekov

Изменена: 2019-11-12


In the article one of leading aims of educating to mathematics is examined is aesthetic education of student facilities of mathematics. Presentation of aesthetic beauty at her decisions possibility of students is investigated, specifying them on the decision of one problem in several ways that assists the detailed consideration of idea of aesthetic education, through programmatic foods. The article will describe understanding of beauty the decision of problem, methods of decisions that are accompanied by the use informatively-communicative technologies in a mathematical model. Such sort of activity assists aesthetic education, allowing to develop a culture and logical thinking, forming at students a different choice, grace of decision of problems